((oa—ao)), curatorial + installed works

a group exhibition of works curated around/in a broader response to the winter solstice, also known as the Longest Night.

photos by Mia Navarro.

spiral walk

the Spiral Walk is a ritual that is practiced in most Waldorf or Steiner schools, on or near the winter solstice. the tradition honors the seasonal cycle of light and darkness by arranging a simple spiral labyrinth walk as a ceremony of light, movement, and change. a group of 12 participants were invited to walk the spiral, lighting their candles along the way and watching the room fill with our collaborative light. candles by mariah barden jones.

foraged tree stumps, foraged white pine boughs, beeswax candles.


A divine gutting; steel eurythmics; a body archive.

Painted steel; metal binder rings; plexiglass; clay; LED rope; steel spring clamps; zip ties; clamp lights; red and soft white bulbs; double-jacketed thermoplastic power cords.

Photos by Terry Brown.